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Boston spray Foam

Professional Insulation Solutions for Homes & Businesses

Spray Foam Insulation Contractors in Boston, MA

Spray foam has become an essential aspect in residential and commercial projects. We provide spray foam insulation services in Boston, MA and around the region. This protects the inside of your building and helps save significant money on the electricity bill. The way it works is fairly simple. When sprayed into nooks and crannies, the chemical compound expands and creates a hard foam consistency. This action creates an airtight seal and can be used on walls, floors, ceilings, and more. The insulation seal keeps the place warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our Boston insulation contractors provide a quality service at an affordable price. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We provide both open cell foam insulation and closed cell foam insulation. This crew has years of experience with the various chemical compounds and knows how to correctly assess a property’s sizing and requirements.

Spray foam is an innovative technology that can be used for multiple purposes. Some use it to make a structure soundproof. Others use it to make their space energy efficient. This unique substance creates a barrier that helps keep moisture and allergens out, making your home or office healthier. The foam is made up of chemicals and should be handled with care. When the foam is sprayed, the gases can cause health issues if you do not wear proper protective gear.

One requirement is that the space should be empty for at least 24 hours after application. Too much foam is also dangerous. Our spray foam contractors are highly trained and have years of experience in the field. They are aware of the building codes, application safety guidelines, and ensure that you and your family are safe.  We also take climate regulations and zone requirements into consideration before starting the treatment. Don’t risk your health or the health of your family by attempting spray foam installation on your own.

When you get in touch with our crew, we will schedule an appointment with you, walk through your property, ask questions to get an understanding of your needs, and provide you with the best options for your specific situation. Our trained crew members will also answer any questions or concerns you have. Rest assured that you will get quality spray foam services at an affordable price if you work with our team. Your trust is important to us and we do everything in our power to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

We can handle projects of any size. Whether you need insulation for a crawl space in your attic, or you want to use spray foam for maintaining the temperature of a large building, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

​According to the US Department of Energy, 30% of residential heat loss is due to ineffective barriers in attics, walls, windows, and doorways. Spray foam insulation contractors can help you fix that and recoup the cost by decreasing amount of heat loss. Air can pass through any small space, and when it happens, heat seeps out. Spray foam creates an air-tight seal, allowing you to keep all the air in the room and maintain the temperature for a longer period. In addition, foam insulation keeps allergens and moisture out.  This is particularly useful for people with allergies who need the cleaner air to breathe better.

Open Cell vs. Closed Cell Spray Foam

Spray insulation is either open cell or closed cell. Open cell spray foam is soft, flexible, and expands to about 3 inches when applied. Open cell foam is great for soundproofing a room because it can completely fill any crack, crevasse, or opening it is applied on.  However, open-cell foam is not as good for thermal regulation because of its density level. 

Closed cell spray foam is denser. When applied, it expands to about an inch in size. This makes it more difficult to apply but comes with several advantages. Close cell spray foam insulation is the best choice for creating a moisture barrier and completely blocking air flow. It also supports the structural integrity of the area it is applied to because it hardens.

A foam’s R-value is simply a measure of how well it insulates. Open cell foam has an R-value of approximately 3.5 inches, while closed cell foam’s R-value is typically double that.  As this metric increase, the price does as well.

New Construction Insulation Installation

New buildings and remodels often have rooms or areas that require insulation to either soundproof it or prevent a draft. While fiberglass insulation can be used, spray foam application is a better option due to its durability and effectiveness as a barrier for both sound and temperature.

Are the windows leaking air around the edges? The seal on the window frame may not be air-tight, which allows air to come in and inside air to escape. Foam can be installed around the edges of the frame to block flow in both directions. No matter how small, gaps between wooden boards and walls can create a draft as well. After spray foam applicators cover the openings, air will have nowhere to go. This decreases your heating or cooling costs because the temperature will change less frequently.

Get in touch today and talk to our professional applicators to get a customized quote based on your building needs and square footage. Our mission is become the go-to spray foam company in Boston, MA.